F1 - Sadies Sindyr

F1 - Wesa Taj Mahal

F1 - Afrikhan Rain

SOLD: F2 Silver Shimmer

Savannah Queens 

SOLD: F2's Brianna, Ra, and Paige

SOLD: F2's Sebastian, Phoenix, and Mipha

Savannah Kings

SOLD: F2's Arcturus and Obie

SOLD:  SBT Ash and Fawn

SOLD: F2 Mackenzie

SOLD - F2's Ariel, Hale, Arya, Whisper, and Tole

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SBT - Wylthingz Dream

SBT - ABCSavananhs Diablo

Past Kittens


SOLD: F2 Freya

SOLD: F2 Brillo

Kittens expected in late November.   None available at this time. 

SOLD: F2 Button and Sophie

SOLD: F2 River

SOLD: F2 Tetters

SOLD: F2 Rohan