F1 - Sadies Sindyr

F1 - Wesa Taj Mahal

Savannah Queens 

Savannah Kings

| Traverse City, MI
Phone:231.642.6885 | Email: info@starfellsavannahs.com

SBT - Wylthingz Dream

SBT - ABCSavananhs Diablo


F1 - Afrikhan Rain

SOLD:  Two F2 males born on January 13th, 2020.  From Afrikhan Rain X Wyldthingz Dream.  More pictures coming soon.  Videos can be seen on Facebook -    Starfell Savannahs - $7,000.0

SOLD - Adventurous, attention loving Romulus - $7,000

SOLD - Remus loves attention.  He will come running the moment he sees a human.  Bold and adventurous, he will be a joyful addition to any family. - $7,000

AVAILABLE - F3 female Nymeria (DOB: 2/22/2020) from Starfell Shimmer and Canon of ClosDuChat. Golden serval with big, black spots.  Nymeria is an absolute love.  Cries for you then crawls into your lap and falls asleep purring. $4,000 

AVAILABLE - F2 female Felia (DOB: 2/10/2020) from Sadie's Sindyr and Wyldthingz Dream.  Bold and adventurous. Golden with a pure white underbelly.  I love her white eyeliner!! - $6,000

All breeders are tested negative for the genetic defects of PkDef and PRA via the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. 

All breeders and kittens are tested negative for communicable diseases via Idexx Laboratories.