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F1 - Wesa Taj Mahal

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Savannah Kings

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SBT - Wyldthingz Dream

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F1 - Afrikhan Rain

Serval - Drizzit Do'Urden of Starfell

One F1 Silver male left:Two Silver F1 males, One Silver F1 female, and One Golden F1 female from Serval Drizzit D0'Urden and his Alustrial. DOB: 6/17/2020

SOLD: F1 Silver male - Kato - $15,000.00

ALL SOLD:One F2 female left.  DOB: 7/22/2020

From Afrikhan Rain X Wyldthingz Dream

Unfortunately, we were moving when these kittens were born and it stressed out Mom alot.  She chewed on their ears.  Although we took them away when we discovered it, it was too late for some.  Thus they all discounted a thousand off the usual adoption price to $6,000.

SOLD:  F1 Silver female - Glimmer - $12,000.00

Glimmer is an absolutely gorgeous example of an F1.  Big ears, huge black spots, and a personality to match.  Loves her food and loves to play.  Would do well with a large family. 

SOLD:  F1 Golden female - Gloss- $12,000.00
Gloss is my super-shy girl.  She sleeps curled up against my neck every night but if you sneeze, you won't see her for a month...LOL...she will bond tightly to her owner and get along well with other animals. 

AVAILABLE:  F1 Silver male - Case- $15,000.00

Case is about as lovey as they come.  He gets so excited when he sees people, he starts kneading, purring and hopping  and down all at the same time.  All you can do is laugh and give him attention.  Sleeps curled up next to my neck every night.  One of the unique F1's that simply loves everybody on sight. 

All breeders are tested negative for the genetic defects of PkDef and PRA via the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. 

All breeders and kittens are tested negative for communicable diseases via Idexx Laboratories. 

SOLD: $6,000

The only male of the bunch and an adventurous fuzzy love!

SOLD: $6,500

Omni has the looks, the attitude, and the adventurous bold spirit of a born perfect playmate

SOLD: $6,000

Precious Tigress.  You never know where she is until she crawling into you hair with a purr that rattles the windows. 

SOLD: $6,000

Tiana is one of those kittens that squeezes your heart. Likes to crawl all over you with multiple headbutts and into everything.  Basically, what ever you are doing, she wants to do it too.