F1 - Sadies Sindyr

F1 - Wesa Taj Mahal

Savannah Queens 

Savannah Kings

| Traverse City, MI
Phone:231.642.6885 | Email: info@starfellsavannahs.com

SBT - Wyldthingz Dream

SBT - ABCSavananhs Diablo


F1 - Afrikhan Rain

Serval - Drizzit Do'Urden of Starfell

All breeders are tested negative for the genetic defects of PkDef and PRA via the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. 

All breeders and kittens are tested negative for communicable diseases via Idexx Laboratories. 

SOLD: F1 Male - $15,000 -

DOB: 2.23.2021

Adventurous and bold, Tagger doesn't have a scared bone in his body.  Enjoys his cuddles as much as his playtime. 

SOLD - F1 Female -  Ava - $12,000

SOLD - F1 Female - $12,000

ON HOLD - F1 Female

SOLD - F1 Tenn - $12,000

SOLD- F2 Silver Tanis - $7,000

SOLD: F2 Male - $7,000 

SOLD - F2 Male - $7,000

SOLD - F2 Male - $7,000

Afrikhan Rain X Dream - 3 boys - Born: 1.16.2021

Sadie Sindyr X Phatcatx Canon

One silver male

Serval Drizzit X Guenhwyvar - One F1 female

Available - F2 Male Ren - DOB: 4.22.2021 - $5,000

Ren is absolutely beautiful and very special and I am looking for a special parent for him.  Ren is afraid of everything.  And I mean everything.   He is not going to come out of the carrier purring and ready to love on his new parent.  He will need time to adjust and become comfortable with his surroundings.  When the bond does form, he is going to make someone a wonderful companion.  But, that person has to be patient and wait for him to grow into the wonderful boy he is destined to be.  If you feel you have the time and patience and experience to be the loving parent that Ren needs, please contact me.