F1 - Sadies Sindyr

F1 - Wesa Taj Mahal

Savannah Queens 

Savannah Kings

| Traverse City, MI
Phone:231.642.6885 | Email: info@starfellsavannahs.com

SBT - Wyldthingz Dream

SBT - ABCSavananhs Diablo


F1 - Afrikhan Rain

Serval - Drizzit Do'Urden of Starfell

F3 litter from Starfell Whisper & Phatzcat Canon.  DOB: 10.16.2020

Three boys and one lovely golden girl. 

All breeders are tested negative for the genetic defects of PkDef and PRA via the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. 

All breeders and kittens are tested negative for communicable diseases via Idexx Laboratories. 

Retar - Male - $4,000

First born male with huge, bold black spots.  Already doubled and surpassed his birth weight.  Very lazy....LOL...all he does is sleep and get fatter!

Rayla - Female - $4,000 - ON HOLD

The only girl and oh-so-precious.  She has a very unique light color that looks almost orange in the sunlight! Sweet girl.

Vapor - Male - $4,000

He is so very, very fuzzy!  A rolly-polly guy who was the first to open his eyes to his new world.

Tolan - Male - $4,000

To me, that face looks like a tiny lion.  Tolan doesn't stay in the kitten warmth pile, but likes to totter around all the time and drive Mom nuts!